Organising Team

Mr Raks Morakabe Seakhoa

Project Director

After almost 20 years’ experience in the grassroots and non-governmental organisations and activities, Raks Morakabe Seakhoa now heads the wRite Associates, a one-stop strategies, project and event management agency that delivers highly effective implementable services and products, focused mainly within the arts, culture and heritage sector and beyond.


Mr Raks Morakabe Seakhoa

Mr Raks Morakabe Seakhoa

Project Director

Ms Sindiswa Seakhoa

Project Manager


Sindiswa is the Accounts Executive Director at the wRite associates, an event

Management Company specialising in the promotion of the arts, culture and

heritage, with a special focus on literature. She is also the Managing Director of

Equipped Events Allround, a company specialising in events and conference

management, catering, décor and equipment hire. She is also a founder and Director

of a company, Kayamina Music. She has been involved in events and project

management since 2001, handling indoor and outdoor events, small,

medium and big. Her experience in management includes project management and

co-ordination, accounts management, human resource management, budgeting,

guest co-ordination and overall logistics management.



Sindiswa holds a certificate in Human Resource Hiring and Recruitment Practices, a

Diploma in Business Administration, certificates in Event Protocol and Etiquette,

Financial Planning and budgeting.



Some of the project Sindiswa has co-founded and managed:

  • The Hugh Masekela Annual Lecture, Colloquia and Concert 2014
  • The Annual Keorapetse Kgositsile Lecture 2013 onwards
  • Africa Century International African Writers Conference 2012 onwards
  • The Women’s March Lecture 2009
  • The Media Freedom Day Leture 2009
  • South African Literary Awards (SALA) since its inception in 2005 to date
  • The Joburg Literary Festival (JoLiFe) 2005 -2007
  • The Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality Literary Festival 2010/11



Events where she played management and co-ordination roles are:

  • The South African Literary Awards and awards ceremonies: 2005 to date
  • The Africa Century International Africa Writers Conference: 2012 to date
  • The Hugh Masekala Annual Lecture and Concert
  • The Keorapetse Kgositsile Annual Lecture: 2013 to date
  • The Steve Biko Annual Fundraising Gala Dinners
  • The Steve Biko 30th Anniversary Celebration programme 2007
  • Book launches, including Halala Madiba, a poetry anthology by writers from around the world in 2007, Telling Tales, a collection of short stories by writers around the world co-ordinated by the Nobel Prize Winner Nadine Gordimer. 2008
  • Chinua Achebe Memorial Service
  • Mbulelo Mzamane Memorial Service
  • Amiri Baraka Memorial Service
  • Africa Day Celebration 2008
  • Nadine Gordimer 80th Birthday Celebration
  • Miriam Tlali 75th and 80th Birthdays



Book Clubs


She is the founder and convenor of the Miriam Tlali

Reading and Book Club & and Tsebe Reading and Book Club.



  • Executive Administrator of the first edition of the SALA publication “Band of


  • Administrator of the Nadine Gordeimer 80th Birthday Souvenir publication





  • Her poetry appears in the Timbila Poetry Journals of 2009 and 2013.
  • The Artivist Magazine, Volume 2, a publication produced by the Department of Arts and Culture



  • Her tribute to Nadine Gordimer when she celebrated the 80th birthday appears in the Nadine Gordimer @ 80 Souvenir publication


Write ups

  • The Africa Century International African Writers Conference brochure 2012



Public speaking and performances

Sindiswa has also participated in many platforms as programme director,

Discussion facilitator and delivering talks. She has also sung and performed her

poetry in many events including the African Women Writer’s Symposium, 2014

Chinua Achebe Colloquium in the USA


Arts and Culture

Her experience in the arts, culture and heritage events include the co-ordination

and management of literary workshops, conferences and performances.


Sindiswa: musician, thespian, stage, screen and, and, and...

She is a song- writer, composer, guitarist and singer whose debut album, Tata, was launched at the International Jazz Day celebrations on 30th April 2015 at the South African State Theatre, Tshwane, South Africa. She’s performed at a number of events, including the Hugh Masekela Annual Lecture, International University of East Africa, Kampala, Uganda, 4th Chinua Achebe Annual Colloquia at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA, Nelson Mandela’s 95th Birthday celebrations, at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa Day Expo, Tshwane, South Africa.

An award-winning playwright and actress, Sindiswa is also a puppeteer, clown, storyteller and a published poet. Her debut play, The Pain, won the 1998 FNB VITA AWARD as the Most Outstanding Production at the Windybrow Annual Arts Festival. Her second play, Thespian, featured at the Young Writers Festival at the Market Theatre in 2002. She also acted in many productions, including, Selaelo Maredi’s Black Age, Cabbages and Bullets by Johny Loate, The Transistor Radio and The Wheel, the latter two by the late Nigerian author and playwright, Ken Saro-Wiwa; Bessie Head’s Maru and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. She has also done professional script readings and adjudication for community theatre.She has also appeared on television series Soul City and the Missing Link.Sindiswa has also performed her poetry and programme directed many literary events.She is the owner and Director of the record label, Kayamina Music.

Ms Sindiswa Seakhoa

Ms Sindiswa Seakhoa

Project Manager

Prof. Maake

Conference Intellectual Content Development Panel Member

Nhlanhla Maake is an African male. He was born in April 1956 and educated at St Gerard’s in Eastwood, Leratadima Lower and Mohaung Higher Primary Schools in Thokoza. He matriculated at Immaculata High School in Soweto in 1974. In his student days he held several leadership positions, Chief Prefect, President of the Young Christian Students (YCS), Young Christian Workers (YCW). He wrote radio plays for then Radio Sesotho (now Lesedi). Between 1975 and 1978 he wrote poetry for Staffrider and Wietie magazines and The Nation and The Voice newspapers.


Prof. Maake

Prof. Maake

Conference Intellectual Content Development Panel Member

Prof Vuyisile Msila

Chairperson: Conference Intellectual Content Development Panel

<table width="100%">
<td><strong>Prof Vuyisile Msila</strong>
Head of the Institute
Institute for African Renaissance Studies

<strong>Tel:</strong> 012 320 3180
<strong>E-mail:</strong> <a href=""></a></td>
<td>PhD, MEd, BEd, BAHons, BA, (Vista University); MA, Curriculum and Teaching (Michigan State University); MPhil, Conflict Management and Transformation (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University); HDE (University of Cape Town); Project Management (Varsity College).</td>
<li>Head of the Institute for African Renaissance Studies</li>
<li>Postgraduate Supervision and Management</li>
<td><strong>Fields of specialisation/research interests: </strong></td>
<li>Educational Leadership and Management</li>
<li>Educational Policy</li>
<li>Politics of Education</li>
<li>Indigenous Knowledge Systems</li>
<li>Africanisation of the Curriculum</li>
<td><strong>Selected Publications:</strong></td>
<li>Ramalepe, M.L., &amp; Msila, V. (2014). The Moral Purpose Model: A Lesson for Schools seeking effectiveness. MAGNT Research Report, 2(7): 238-247.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). Using life sciences to combat poverty: A garden project in a South African school. Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg Journal, 64 (10): 80-91.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). African Leadership Models in Education: Sustaining Institutions through <em>Ubuntu</em> The Anthropologist, 18 (3).</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). Preparing educators for leadership: Understanding the role of mentoring in South African schools. <em>La Pensee</em>, 76 (9), 153-162</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). In search of a liberating practice: Leadership, teacher commitment and the struggle for effective schools. Sylwan, 158 (9), 73-91</li>
<li>Msila, V. &amp; Netshitangani, T. (2014). Education, Democracy and Pragmatism in post-apartheid South Africa: Explicating Cleo Cherryholmes. <em>La Pensee</em>, 76 (10), 276-283</li>
<li>Netshitangani, T., &amp; Msila, V. (2014) When the headmaster is female: Women’s access to education management positions in a rural seeting. La Pensee, 76(10)</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). Teacher unionism, school management and leadership: a study of (Eastern Cape) schools in South Africa. <em>Education, Management, Administration and Leadership</em>, 42(2): 259-274.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). "No! Say that in English Sasa!": Black African parents and the language contest in South Africa. <em>Wulfenia Journal, 21(4)</em>.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). Building peace through African values: A case study of a School. <em>International Journal of Educational Sciences, </em>6(2): 197-206.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2014). Critical Thinking in Open and Distance Learning Programmes: Lessons from University of South Africa’s NPDE. <em>Journal of Social Sciences</em>, 38(1): 33-42.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). Reliving South Africa’s apartheid history in a classroom: Using Vuyisile Mini’s protest songs. <em>Creative Education</em>, 4, 12B: 51-57.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). Democratic education through the eyes of the poor: Appraising the post-apartheid experience in South Africa. <em>Universal Journal of Education Research</em>, 1 (3): 191-199.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). Obstacles and Opportunities in Women School Leadership: A Literature Study. <em>International Journal of Educational Sciences, </em>5(4): 463-470.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). Teacher-learners’ search for relevance: Lessons from a principals’ leadership/management qualification in South Africa. <em>International Journal of Educational Sciences</em>, 5(4): 443-452.</li>
<li><strong>Msila, V</strong>., &amp; LDM Lebeloane. (2013). The National Department of Education and Higher Education’s Efforts to Empower School Managers in South Africa: Lessons from the ACE-SML Programme’s Pilot Group. <em>Journal of Social Sciences</em>. 36 (2): 209-218.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). Stephen Biko’s Philosophy and its Pedagogical Implications in South Africa. <em>Creative Education</em>, 4 (8): 492-496.</li>
<li>Lebeloane, L.D.M., &amp; <strong>Msila, V.</strong> (2013). Facilitating novel teaching and learning: Information Communication Technology challenges and opportunities at the University of South Africa. <em>Journal of Communication, </em>4(1): 17-24.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). Instructional leadership: empowering teachers through critical reflection and journal writing. <em>International Journal of Social Sciences</em>. 35(2): 81-88.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). The Liberatory Function of a Museum: The Case of New Brighton's Red Location Museum. <em>The Anthropologist</em>, 15 (2): 209-218.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2013). Cross-gender Mentoring of Principals in Selected South African Schools. <em>International Journal of Educational Sciences</em>, 5(1): 19-27.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2012). Memory, Educators and Pedagogy: Viewing Cry Freedom-Unearthing Biko’s Philosophy in the Classroom. <em>Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology</em>, 3 (2): 163-171.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2012). Autobiographical narrative in a language classroom: a case study in a South African school. <em>Language and Education</em>, 26 (3): 233- 244.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2012). Black parental involvement in South African rural schools: Will parents ever help in enhancing effective school management? <em>Journal of Educational and Social Research</em> 2 (2): 303-313.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2011). School management and the struggle for effective schools. <em>Africa Education Review</em>, 8(3): 434-449.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2011). School choice – as if learners matter: Black African learners’ views on choosing schools in South Africa. Mevlana International <em>Journal of Education</em>, 1(1): 1-14.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2011). "Mama does not speak that (language) to me": Indigenous languages, educational opportunity and Black African preschoolers. <em>South African Journal of Childhood Education</em>, 1(1): 48-67.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2010). Rural school principals’ quest for effectiveness: lessons from the field. <em>Journal of Education</em>, 48: 169-189.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2009). School Choice and intra-township migration: Black parents scrambling for quality education in South Africa. <em>Journal of Education</em>, 46: 81-98.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2009). Africanisation of education and the search for relevance and context. <em>Education Research and Reviews</em> (June): 310-315.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (2009). The Black Train Rising: The Life and Times of Welcome Duru. Lynnwood Ridge: Siyomba.</li>
<li>Msila, V. (In Press). A Place to Live: Red Location and its history from 1903 to 2013. Cape Town: SunMedia.</li>
<li>Gumbo, M.T. &amp; Msila, V. (Eds). (In Press). African perspectives on the Africanisation of curriculum: Theory and practice. Mosala-Masedi Publishers: Johannesburg.</li>

Prof  Vuyisile Msila

Prof Vuyisile Msila

Chairperson: Conference Intellectual Content Development Panel
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