Muyanga Innocent Ziba 

Muyanga Innocent Ziba 

Previous Post           : Chief Information Officer

Present Posts           : Lecturer in Communication and Journalism, University of

Livingstonia, Malawi

: Editor In Chief, The African Light Magazine


Master of Arts in Communication–, Dublin City University, Ireland (Validated by the South African Qualifications Authority as fit for employment and education)

Bachelor of Journalism-University of Malawi

PhD student University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa- ongoing


How can journalists better contribute in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

Accessed on


What can a community radio contribute to health promotion in response to a health crisis/HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa?


A communication study of the impact of channels of communication on subsistence farming and prevention of diseases in Malawi

Available -3DCity Lodge Syndicate Room 9, available :



Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, University of Bonn, Germany, 26th– 28th September, 2019 Research paper titled links between Theory and Development – Paper sent and accepted

5th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication – MEDCOM 2019, 05th – 07th April 2019 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Paper titled Bottlenecks in A community radio station impeding on its aims and objectives- Paper sent and accepted

5th International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2019) Athens, Greece, 15 – 18 April 2019 with the research paper titled:       

The   Impact of Boma Lathu publication in Rural Malawi


Lecturing to students

Grading the students

Supervising dissertations for Degree students- (12 Degree students graduated)

Writing and editing stories for The UNILIA Magazine

In my previous job as Chief Information officer

Analysing the trends and monitoring trends in the media and writing reports

Providing policy guidelines to management on communication strategies employed to ensure the work of the organisation is visible depending on the prevailing circumstances.

Implementing various communication activities for line organisations and developing partnerships and networking with other organizations

Developing stories for the website, social media such as Facebook and other materials corporate in nature

Writing and editing stories for the organisation

Monitoring and evaluation of development projects.

Analysing the trends and monitoring trends in the media and writing reports



Advanced computer skills in Excel, word, publishing, graphics

Skills in advocacy, gender issues, and Human rights, editing  and story writing

Very strong networking skills on Face book, twitter and other social networks


20 years in the print and electronic media, international relations, teaching, editing   reporting, public relations work, advertising, research and planning, civic education design in campaigns as well as proof reading.


12 students supervised graduated with degrees

Establishment of the research committee among students  at the University of Livingstonia, ekwendeni campus.

Establishment of the writing, debate, and video shooting clubs

Most stories written and edited in various websites