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Theresah Ennin

Academic Profile

I began my academic career on the campus of the University of Cape Coast in 1997 when I began my undergraduate studies in the department of Arts and Social Sciences Education. During my studies, I discovered an interest in writing poetry, an interest which was nurtured and sustained by an award from the Goethe Institut in Ghana, which afforded me the opportunity to attend a workshop with the renowned German writer, Norman Ohler. My interest in teaching was also strengthened by the realization that I could exert a lot of influence in shaping the minds of people for the better.

After my four year program, I worked as a National Service Person in the department of English at the same University where I convened departmental meetings and interviews, assisted faculty in research, coordinated departmental events and activities and assisted in the teaching of undergraduate students. The faculty at the department, seeing my enthusiasm and hard work, encouraged me to apply for an MPhil so that I could advance my teaching career. Consequently, in 2001, I began my masters in Literature. Whilst pursuing this degree, I worked as a demonstrator at the communication unit of the university where I helped undergraduates with their writing and speaking skills.

I was appointed a lecturer at the department of English at the University when I successfully completed my Masters, and two years after my appointment, I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to do my PhD in the University of Wisconsin, Madison in African literature. At UW-Madison, in addition to my literature courses, I took courses in Gender and Women’s Studies and saw the importance of merging critical studies with the study of Gender, especially in African studies. My experiences at UW-Madison, where I was exposed to the importance and prestige the humanities enjoy in American universities strengthened my resolve to return and teach in an African University so as to uplift the image of the study of the humanities in our universities back home.

Currently, I am working towards promotion to Senior lecturer at my university. My position as a senior lecturer will augment the staff strength of my department and invariably lead to the strengthening of our postgraduate studies.